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Busy Beedz

Birthstone Bar Necklace


Make a simple statement with our new Birthstone Bar Necklace!  This delicate necklace comes in sterling silver or 14k gold filled, measuring 16" with a two inch extender. Each gemstone coming with its own special meaning, there is surely one for everyone! This necklace is the definition of simplicity as well as having the ability to stack with other necklaces!

January(Garnet)~ Honesty and protection

February(Amethyst)~ Tranquility and sincerity

March(Aquamarine)~ Courage and serenity

April(Herkimur Diamond)~ Energy and thoughtfulness

May(Emerald)~ Hope and happiness

June(Fresh Water Pearl)~ Balance and imagination

July(Ruby)~ Vitality and passion

August(Peridot)~ Guidance and reflection

September(Sapphire)~ Trust and kindness

October(Tourmaline)~ Confidence and hope

November(Citrine)~ Peace and Wisdom

December(Tanzanite)~ Vision and exploration

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